Founded in 2006, Restrata has been a pioneer in smart tech solutions to help multi-nationals safeguard their people, strategic assets & physical infrastructure in some of the most challenging operating environments in the world.  At the heart of the company is the Restrata Platform, the latest technology in the industrial safety space. Combined, our solutions enable organisations to design, prepare, manage and respond effectively.

At Restrata, we believe the future of resilience is connected, where technology empowers to safeguard people and enable operations. That is why we collaborated with the industry to build the Restrata Platform, before developing a series of Covid-Safe modules in 2020 to meet the industry’s biggest immediate challenge.

Restrata’s team of experts also provide Emergency, Crisis and Continuity Preparedness allowing organisations to prepare, manage and respond effectively and responsibly to any incident, whilst our 24/7/365 Global Operations and Command Centre’s (GOCC) in Aberdeen and Dubai set the standard for worldwide emergency response.