Human Reliability Associates Ltd

Human Reliability Associates (HRA) was founded in 1982 and is one of the longest established Human Factors and Ergonomics consultancies in the UK. We have worked in sectors such as oil and gas, chemicals and, power generation. In the offshore oil and gas sectors, we are one of the leading providers of the Human Factors Safety Critical Task Reviews (SCTR) required by the HSE to support COMAH safety reports. Dr David Embrey, the company founder and MD, is the primary author of a widely used textbook: Guidelines for Preventing Human Error in Process Safety.

COMAH Safety Critical Task Analyses

We have 15 years of experience in this area, and we have carried out more than a hundred analyses for many of the major onshore and offshore companies e.g., TAQA, BP, Shell, Conoco Philips, Petrobras, INEOS and Total. We developed the SHERPA (Systematic Human Error Reduction and Process Analysis) methodology which is the basis for the HSE’s human factors analysis requirements set out their inspection guides. We have several qualified members of the Chartered Institute for Ergonomics (CIEHF)and Human Factors who carry out COMAH reviews.


We have developed a software platform, the Human Factors Risk Manager, to support organizations who need to prepare COMAH safety cases.  This provides a high level of automation to carry out the required Task, Failure and Performance Influencing Factor analyses required for COMAH.  It also automatically develops ‘risk aware’ SOPs and training recommendations.


We provide a comprehensive set of CIEHF Accredited training courses which develop the capability for companies to carry out their own in-house SCTA reviews for submission to the HSE. These are provided online with active webinar support.