Fennex is a global technology company, specializing in cloud computing software that can enhance teams abilities to execute complex, high cost, high risk HSE and operational activities with far greater efficiency.

We combine +25 years of industry experience in the oil & gas with cutting-edge cloud computing capabilities to develop and deliver digital solutions that digitalize, automate and transform most challenging industry’s business processes, providing transparent, live visual dashboards to track critical procedures, and built-in advanced analytics to aid decision-making and improve operational performance.

As the upstream oil and gas industry remains in a period of high uncertainty, the need for cost saving, performance enhancing technologies to be a adopted is a must.  Our agile, adaptive and precise solutions can help your teams deliver the right results.

The Fennex suite of platforms are designed, based on 5 key principles –

  • Visible impact to bottom line (clear value creation for our customers).
  • New technology adoption
  • Ease of use
  • Data driven
  • Transparency