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Abbott Risk Consulting

ARC is an independent consultancy providing safety, risk, reliability and human factors engineering services to the hazardous installations and high risk industries. Established in 2002, it has successfully grown to establish offices throughout the UK in Edinburgh, London, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol, as well as office throughout Australia in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.
ARC works with clients around the world to reduce risk and improve performance providing specialist services to the oil and gas, nuclear, defence and rail industries which include:
Safety Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Human Factors, Engineering Mechanics, Assurance and Verification, Performance Standards

Alcumus Sypol

Alcumus Sypol has been helping businesses to manage COSHH more effectively for over 40 years. With more than 75 organisations using our COSHH software, consultancy services and specialist training in the oil, gas and energy sector, we have extensive experience in this field.

Our COSHH management system (CMS) helps you to manage hazardous substances more effectively, recommending strategies for elimination and substitution, assessing risk and providing guidance on how to control the use of substances within your business. Meanwhile, clear and comprehensive COSHH assessments allow you to train your staff and ensure they conduct their work in line with risk assessments.

Clients have access to our 7-day-a-week technical helpdesk where our team of chemists, toxicologists and occupational hygienists provide expertise and guidance on more complex COSHH matters.

EGCP – Turning the Plastic Tide

Turning the Plastic Tide is a two-year environmental initiative for the East Grampian Coastal Partnership. Launched in August 2018, it sets out to raise awareness of marine litter issues and encourage greater participation in beach cleaning in the North East of Scotland.
The initiative supports volunteer beach cleaning and marine litter education, covering the area from Fraserburgh to Easthaven in Angus, involving the delivery of:

  1. Beach Clean Event Series
    Working in partnership with a range of stakeholders, including grass-roots community initiatives, nation-wide marine litter charities and local authorities and businesses, to promote and run targeted beach cleans at the worst-affected areas of coastline.
  2. Marine Litter Education Programme
    The marine litter workshop series covers issues relating to single-use plastics, source-to-sea and impacts on local wildlife and beaches. This is delivered across primary and secondary schools throughout the project area and can be followed up with a school beach clean.

Encompass ICOE

Encompass ICOE brings a think tank/action tank approach to topics in the fields of Health, Safety and Environment management. Current topics being worked on include:

The provision of CPD for professionals in the field of HSE process management, with proper reference to inquisitive cross-discipline stimulation and sharing of understanding. See www.encompassicoe.com

Decommissioning of facilities and wells, the latter with special regard to maintaining plug integrity as wells deform pre and post cessation of production

The use of redundant oil storage tanks in mini-pump storage schemes

Can the oil and gas industry help engineer the minimisation of the impact of arctic methane clathrate dissociation on climate change?

Encompass ICOE welcomes discussion with and engagement by industry and academe


EPIC is the global leader in all aspects of POB and Mustering. With a reputation as a reliable and responsible partner for over 16 years, the company works closely with a large number of the world’s Oil and Gas majors, drilling companies, FPSO operators and marine service providers. EPIC offers persons on board management, electronic mustering and evacuation, gangway / bridge control, flight logistics and access control systems. The company was a finalist in the OGUK and Step Change in Safety Offshore Safety Awards 2019.

Benefits of EPIC’s Smart-Trac System include crucial resolution of “who’s missing?” in an emergency, effective personnel flow, maintaining POB limits and improving operational efficiency and personnel safety.

The company is dedicated to improving safety standards, encouraging the industry to consider key factors.

ESR Technology

As one of the UK’s leading engineering, safety and risk consultancies, ESR Technology provides essential advice to operators, designers and contractors to ensure safety and reliability in high hazard industries.

Serving the Oil and Gas sector for over 20 years, we have provided specialist services to most of the world’s major oil and gas companies. We have undertaken hundreds of safety studies involving manned and unmanned offshore production installations, sub-sea installations, pipelines, LNG and LPG facilities, refineries and also FPSO’s and FSU’s, drilling rigs and work-over vessels/barges.

Working in partnership with clients, we deliver a specialist consultancy service employing state-of-the-art tools, techniques and software, many developed in-house by our internationally recognised experts. Our core services include.
• Major hazard quantified risk assessment
• Consequence Modelling including Computational Fluid Dynamics
• Technical safety assessment
• Fire Engineering, including 3D fire and gas detector mapping
• Ageing plant management
• Offshore non-destructive testing
• Forensic engineering of failed mechanical assets
• Expert witness

The Efficiency Task Force

When faced with a tough downturn, the oil and gas industry worked harder than ever to find smarter ways to do business. The Efficiency Hub was created to promote the Efficiency Task Force (ETF) as it worked to seek out, promote and provide access to efficient practice while maintaining safe operations.

Today, the ETF is your one stop shop for all things efficiency – information, news, case studies, industry initiatives and how you can get involved. It is the platform to share and learn, innovate and collaborate.


Gexcon is a world-leading company in the field of safety and risk management and advanced dispersion, explosion and fire modelling.

Headquartered in Norway with offices across the UK, Europe, America and Asia, we are widely known for our detailed knowledge of explosion phenomena. With more than 40 years industry experience covering research, safety assessments, high profile incident investigations and physical testing we help manage risks arising from complex hazards.

Our experienced engineers and recognised specialist experts provide risk and safety management support for every stage and requirement of an asset life cycle from design and installation to operations and decommissioning. We believe in an individual approach because we believe each client is unique.

Together we will find the most optimal process to identify your needs and the best way to improve your company’s safety performance.

Glencraft Luxury

Glencraft have worked hard to create a luxury offshore mattress, Crib 7 under BS7177:2008, believed to be the first of its kind in the UK. Designed to help with the challenging offshore lifestyle.

The merida offshore luxury mattress will revitalise, energise and refreshen offshore workers for both night and day shifts, aimed to improve both their mental and physical well-being, by providing quality mattresses for a quality sleep.

Glencraft have a sound understanding of the energy sector and its stringent requirements, our mattresses are continually tested to insure that nothing is left to chance, therefore giving customers peace of mind that we are in compliance with all legal requirement is key for Glencraft.

Greyhope Bay

Greyhope Bay is a charitable organisation raising funds to open a new marine experience centre that will breathe new life in to Torry Battery and connect Aberdeen with our marine world.

Human Reliability Associates

Human Reliability Associates (HRA) is an international consulting company specialising in improving human performance and minimising human error.

Over the past 30 years, HRA has created a balanced team of engineers and behavioural scientists who can provide specialist support to match industry needs, helping major organisations improve safety and achieve higher productivity. 

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) require that human factors issues are addressed in COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) reviews in the oil and gas sector. HRA has experience in addressing these specific issues in safety reports submitted to the Competent Authority.  One of the main tools used in these assessments is the Safety Critical Task Review (SCTR).

Originally developed by HRA in the 80s and it has been subsequently applied in hundreds of tasks in COMAH assessments. We provide consultancy support, training and software tools to apply this approach. Our graphical software supports all aspects of SCTRs.

Mabbett Ltd

Mabbett is Scotland’s leading integrated consulting and engineering firm, specialising in Safety | Environment | Engineering.

We focus on identifying and implementing practical, tailored solutions which manage risk, achieve compliance and reduce costs.
At Mabbett, we support our clients to grow a more competitive and sustainable business, through our core areas of technical expertise:

Safety: health & safety consultancy and compliance; occupational hygiene; LEV; EMF; chemical management, and process safety (COMAH; DSEAR; OBRA; CDOIF; functional safety; HAZOP).
Environment: acoustic consultancy; air quality; circular economy and resource efficiency; compliance; contaminated land; construction environment services; ecology, planning and GIS; environmental monitoring; environmental permitting; integrated EHSQ management systems, and EHSQ training (Including IEMA and IOSH).
Engineering: air pollution control; industrial effluent treatment; M&E design; process engineering, and renewable energy systems.
Find out more about See a Difference at mabbett.eu or follow us on LinkedIn & Twitter– search for Mabbett Ltd.

Maersk Training

We are a global solution provider
We listen to your challenges and provide solutions that will help you handle challenging situations. Our goal is to combine technical knowledge with human factors and data analysis in order to provide customers with tools to improve their safety and operational performance. Our basic values of “Uprightness, Humbleness and Constant Care” are to the forefront of every action.

MCL Medics

MCL Medics are experts in the provision of Occupational Health, Wellbeing, Employee Assistance and Remote Medical Services throughout the UK and across all sectors. We are a well-established and trusted holistic healthcare provider to the energy sector for over 15 years providing industry leading services across the country.

MCL Medics has built an impeccable reputation by providing first rate occupational health, global remote medical support and medical staffing services. We have a proven ability on providing first rate services, from mobilisation through to contact completion which allows us to consistently secure and retain large scale contracts. We pride ourselves on providing a quality service that is cost effective for our clients. We understand the complexities business face and the challenges this creates – that’s why we keep things simple – delivering a flexible service that is tailored to the needs of your business.

Onboard Tracker

Onboard Tracker is an innovative Crew Management Software serving Highly Regulated Industries including Oil & Gas, Marine, Subsea, Renewables & Agriculture.

Onboard Tracker provides a single platform to manage all Personnel Logistics, Training and Competence with links to Travel, Resource Planning, Timesheeting, HR and more. Transforming visibility across the workforce, strengthening collaboration across departments and ensuring your people are: Safe, Certified, Competent and Informed.

As a SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform, Onboard Tracker is constantly evolving and our Aberdeen-based team work closely with all of our clients to develop the software in alignment with industry trends, frameworks and regulations whilst consistently introducing new features which benefit all such as our recent launch to mobile.

Onboard Tracker is now recording Personnel Logistics, Certification and Competence data for people visiting over 70% of the manned rigs within the UKCS and internationally in over 70 countries.

Get Onboard Tracker – Get Visibility Back.


Restrata is a technology and services company providing end-to-end solutions, including the Restrata Platform, the latest technology in the industrial safety space. Combined, our solutions enable organisations to design, prepare, manage and respond effectively.

At Restrata, we believe the future of resilience is connected, where technology empowers to safeguard people and enable operations. That is why we collaborated with the industry to build the Restrata Platform, focusing on assuring your resilience.

Restrata’s team of experts also provide Emergency, Crisis and Continuity Preparedness allowing organisations to prepare, manage and respond effectively and responsibly to any incident, whilst our 24/7/365 Global Operations and Command Centre’s (GOCC) in Aberdeen and Dubai set the standard for worldwide emergency response.

Safetec UK

Safetec is a leading provider of integrated risk and asset management services. With a focus on minimum downtime and safe production, Safetec offers life-cycle optimisation services, from concept evaluation to decommissioning.

Safetec has provided the worldwide offshore, maritime and land-based industries with services since 1984. We are committed to helping customers reduce risk, increase safety, improve health and environmental performance and enhance profits.

Our customers are served from our offices in the UK (Aberdeen and London), Norway, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. In addition, we provide specialist-manning services.

Safetec has approximately 125 skilled employees working with Risk and Reliability Analyses, SHE, Safety Management and Emergency Preparedness – delivering insight with foresight.

Step Change in Safety