East Grampian Coastal Partnership (Turning the Plastic Tide)

Turning the Plastic Tide is a successful environmental initiative for East Grampian Coastal Partnership (EGCP) Ltd. which delivers marine litter education and supports volunteer beach cleaning in the North East of Scotland from Fraserburgh to East Haven, in Angus. Launched in August 2018, Turning the Plastic Tide actively supports and engages with local schools, communities, and businesses with the goal to maintain a clean and healthy coastline for all to enjoy.

To date, the project has removed over 25 tonnes of waste from the marine environment with the help of 2,500 volunteers across nearly 70 beach cleans. This has included several corporate clean-up events, which we offer to businesses aiming to fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility commitments, and conduct staff team-building sessions. Please visit our exhibit to discover more about these impactful opportunities and how to get involved in supporting Turning the Plastic Tide!